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IPTell Mobile Call Solutions, stop outgoing call per minute charges.
Starting at ten dollars a month, you can now enjoy calling anytime with our Canada local and long distance call service. (Please see our terms of service).

How does IPTell Call Service work for clients with unlimited incoming call plans?
Cellular phone users with unlimited incoming plans dial the IPTell access number, receive a busy tone, hang-up and wait for a return call. A return call is initiated, your cellphone rings, you answer, listen for the dial tone and enter the number that you want to call. You don’t press the send button, IPTell will complete the call. (Enter the IPTell access number into your speed dial for easy access and use)

Cellular phone users with unlimited calling for five number plans like. MY5, MyFav, and MyFive can put the IPTell access number as one of your free numbers.

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