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How does this work?
A) Dial the IPTell access number, receive a busy tone,
B) hang-up when you hear the busy signal and wait for the return call.
C) When your cellphone rings, answer, listen for the dial tone and enter the number that you want to call. ***Don’t press the send button, IPTell will complete the call.
Why do I require "Unlimited Incoming Plan" for my cellular phone?
“Unlimited Incoming Plans” don’t charge for incoming calls. IPTell’s Calling Service makes outgoing calls into incoming calls using this cellular plan feature.

When I am making calls does my number show through the system?
Yes, Your Caller ID does show through the IPTell system.

How much does the office bill me for this group rate?
Your office bills at the VoIP rate of three cents a minute, for local calls and Canada long distance calls from your local calling area. (Voice over Internet Protocol)

Can I call long distance?
Yes, at the VoIP rate of three cents a minute. (Voice over Internet Protocol)

Will I be charged on my cell bill for the IPTell Services?
If you have an unlimited incoming calling plan and you receive a call back from IPTell Services in your local calling area, you will not be charged by your cellular service provider. Outside of your local calling area, your cellular service provider will charge you for long distance fees.

Can I use the IPTell system for my landline phone at home?

Yes. You can use the IPTell Calling Serves for making Canada long distance calls if the access number is a local call to you. ***VoIP rate of three cents a minute. (Voice over Internet Protocol).***NO PLAN FEE and VoIP long distance billed included with designated cellphone***

What is the legality of IPTell Service?
The service is one hundred percent legal. It uses the existing pricing structure where incoming calls are free and does not charge customers for a busy response or incomplete outgoing calls.

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