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Introducing  IPTell

Money Saving Mobile Call Solutions

  • Cut Your Monthly Mobile Phone Bills By Up To 75%
  • Cut Your Existing Carrier’s Minute Plan To The Minimum
  • Make Unlimited Local Outbound Calls For One Low Price

IPTell Mobile Call Solutions has been designed for the real estate industry to provide cost effective cell phone calls. 
It is the ideal solution for a mobile sales force where outgoing calls are a major expense.

The solution allows your Company to take advantage of the cost savings of VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol).

Here's how it works

  • Our clients are set up with an IPTell account and access number to call into.
  • This can be set up on speed dial or one of your five favorites on a calling plan.
  • Clients dial the access phone number from the cell phone that has an account (Caller ID).
  • The caller receives a busy tone and hangs up.
  • The IPTell system recognizes the user’s phone number and calls it back and provides dial tone.
  • The caller dials the desired number and the call is connected.
  • Clients are billed for the time in per second billing at low cost VoIP rates.

Call today! Get set up to save money and focus on sales.

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